Simple Steps To Get Rid of Annoying Dog Scratching

Published: 17th April 2009
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There is nothing better to a dog owner than to see his furry friend healthy and happy. One reason for the transformation of your pooch from happy to sad is due to annoying dog scratching. Dogs don't like uncomfortable. They scratch and scratch once that itchy feeling comes their way. Dog scratching is something a loving dog owner must address. It causes stress and trauma to your dog, especially when dog cuts come about. The itchy feeling makes your dog scratch, not being aware that the problem is getting worse. Of course, the only thing your furry friend is thinking is, "Get rid of this irritating itch!".


A dog may appear active and playful, and yet be feeling very sore. There are various reasons for the dog scratching problem. It is likely because they have a specific skin issue, such as dermatitis.

Dermatitis can be environmental, nutritional, parasitic, infectious or bacterial. Now, what the dog owner must do first is to contact a veterinarian. As soon as it's noticed, the "dog scratching" problem must be given your full attention, as it may cause serious long-term skin problems if not dealt with early. A dog owner must work hand in hand with his vet, taking the full responsibility of relaying all the necessary information about his dog. With the owner's cooperation, the vet would be able to identify the possible causes.


As soon as the cause of the dog scratching is identified, the dog must be treated immediately. Of course, depending on the specific cause, the owner must make changes in order for the skin problem to fully heal. For instance, dog scratching problems can happen to dogs that are allergic to lawn grass (strange but true).

You may also want to consider products that specialize in treating dog scratching. There are a variety out there but one of the most effective ones I've ever seen contains the Mayan traditional herb Tepezcohuite. (In fact, I was so impressed with its natural abilities that I created an all-natural dog balm called K9 KlearUp around this compound - It's guaranteed to help clear up 17 of the most common dog skin and coat problems).

So there you have it, some simple solutions to help get rid of annoying dog scratching. Your dog will be wagging his tail again in no time!


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